Why Komodo?

The Amber Komodo sits hemmed in between the lush green mountains and the warm sea. Offering unrivalled access to the cultural features of Flores and the wildlife wonders of the Komodo National Park, there is endless opportunity for multi-layered experiences. 

Amber Komodo has been specifically sought out as a spot that is garnering growing attention in the traveling world. Komodo has enjoyed steady tourist growth over the years and the national park receives a staggering 10,000 visitors a month. Improved infrastructure and changes in travel trends will only increase this, ensuring exponential growth for Komodo investors. 

What Makes Amber Komodo so special?

Overwater living shines at the centre of the Amber Komodo universe. The resort is made to move with the rhythms of nature; inviting guests to witness the way the light changes from velvet blue to rose gold,  and to be consistently enveloped by shades of green served against the soundtrack of nature and the ripe scent of local flora.

Pulling inspiration from the nearby Wae Rebo village of Flores, with its conical shape and main meeting house, the concept was to blend this close cultural heritage with the magic of overwater living, turning the Amber Komodo into the Maldives of Asia.

How much does it cost to invest in Amber Komodo?

We invite interested parties to reach out to our dedicated team here at Amber International Holdings to discuss potential investment plans in more detail.

What ROI can I expect? How does the investment work?

Once again, we invite interested parties to reach out for a more in-depth conversation on what return on investments can be expected when investing in Amber Komodo.

What payment plans are available?

Part of our ethos at Amber International Holdings is to keep things flexible for our investors. We can curate tailored payment plans detailed on a case by case basis. Discounts are also available depending on your individual payment plan. Our financial specialists will work closely with interested parties to map out a bespoke plan.

How well connected is the resort?

The Labuan Bajo Airport is beautifully positioned offering direct flights from Bali and Jakarta. With new and improved infrastructure plans, the airport will also offer direct flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in the near future. There are also plans in the works for a major rehaul of the main port, enabling it to welcome cruise ships and up to 70 yachts.

Is the resort suitable for children?

While Amber Komodo boasts a beautiful five-star feel and fabulous luxury facilities, we have made sure that the resort is well balanced for gorgeous grown-up play and perfect family time. Amber Komodo has a range of local activities dedicated to delivering cultural education, outdoors fun, and the chance to make magical memories for all ages.

Who will manage the day to day running of the resort?

Amber International Holdings work closely with hand-picked partners who share our ethos and commitment to top-tier living. Amber Komodo will be managed by Pramana, a hotel management operator established by a team of passionate and creative professionals who have founded and operate a collection of well-known boutique resorts, spas and more throughout Bali.

How large is my villa?

Five separate villa styles offer a choice between ocean or mountain inspired living to suit your personal taste and budget.

What amenities are available at the resort?

A fresh and fabulous dining space, two swimming pools, a dreamy spa, and plans for a beautiful beach club come together to create an enviable space at Amber Komodo. Along with an onsite restaurant, a drinks verandah, and separate pool for families, the living lagoon also gifts the chance for snorkeling and sea splashing right on your doorstep.

What activities are available in the area?

Cultural finesse in Flores and wildlife wonders in Komodo, Amber invites you to lose yourself in the jungle and the sea. The Komodo National Park is a major pull for intrepid adventurers and Flores serves as the stunning gateway to the land that time forgot. Spanning just over 600 square km, this veritable gem of the achingly exotic Lesser Sunda Islands is home to one of the most exciting beasts in the world – the Komodo Dragon. Measuring 3m long, few people in the world have had the wide-eyed pleasure of seeing real life dragon lizards in their natural habitat. Beyond the scales and flicker of a tongue, Komodo unravels with wild swimming spots, deep cut hiking trails, thundering falls, and undulating views from the nearby islands of Padar and Rinca.